Pre-Divorce Checklist

Confused? Don’t know what to do first? Then start with our FREE Divorce Checklist. In addition to the FREE checklist, I’ll also include information on the following:

  1. Approaching The Decision To Divorce – Concerns And Considerations
  2. Going Public With Your Divorce – Keeping Damages At A Minimum
  3. Choosing The Right Divorce Lawyer – Begin With The Basics
  4. Divorce And Property Division – The Legal And Civil Basics
  5. Helping Children Cope With Divorce – Focus On Their Feelings
  6. Delicate Divorce Matters – Supporting Your Family After The Divorce
  7. Healing After Divorce – Walking Through The Stages
  8. Parenting With Your Ex-Spouse – Put Your Feelings Aside And Be The Grownups
  9. Checklist Basics – Gathering And Discussing Details For Divorce
  10. Suggested Reading Before, During, And After Divorce

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